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079: Becoming an Independent Consultant and Finding the Right Clients with Babak Azad

Episode Summary

In this episode of Entrepreneur Hot Seat, Andy interviews Babak Azad, the founder of Round Two Partners. He helps clients take their performance marketing business to the next level. He specialises in analysing a business and identifying actionable strategies to accelerate business growth. He has helped Beachbody achieve over a billion dollars in revenue by getting involved in sales, media, and marketing.

Episode Notes

Highlights from the interview include :
How he got to where he is today
His knowledge on analytics, media, and different selling channels
What he did after he left Beachbody
How he got his first few clients
Pricing his services
The work he does to hone his value proposition
How he structures his time to make sure he gets to fill the pipeline

"I think one of the big wins is building a brand."

"You have to be able to sell yourself and you have to be able to close business."

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