Starve Your Fears: The Andy Storch Show

001 - Lifestyle Planning & Design and preparing for job loss with Jason Teeters from Jet Set State

Episode Summary

Learn how to prepare for job loss and other catastrophes and keep a positive attitude with my friend, Jason Teeters. When we recorded this, Jason had just lost his day job but he was ready because he saved money, had a plan and was excited to launch his new business. He shares his story and advice on lifestyle planning and design in this great launch episode.

Episode Notes

Are you prepared for a job loss?
Do you have a plan to launch your business when the time is right?
Are you interested in living a life of freedom and travel the world?
Have you really thought about designing your life?

Jason Teeters tells his story of losing his job and his plans for launching his new business, Jet Set State,
which helps clients with lifestyle planning & design.

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