Own Your Career Own Your Life (formerly The Andy Storch Show)

10 Tips for Pivoting and Jumping into Something New like Starting a Business

Episode Summary

My top ten tips for how to pivot and jump into something new like starting a business with examples from what I'm doing

Episode Notes

  1. Research your options and figure out what is possible and what’s realistic (but don’t spend too much time researching or waiting for the “perfect” time b/c it will never come
  2. Set goals and make a plan to achieve them - laying out what you need to do and what actions you’ll need to take regularly
  3. Get help - hire a coach, join a mastermind, read books, listen to podcasts, buy courses - what I’ve done
  4. Continuously check in, reevaluate, learn and pivot when necessary
  5. Don’t stake your personal identity or worth to the success of a project or business. They are unrelated
  6. Remember that you have more time than you think
  7. Consider the worst-case scenario and what would happen if you “failed”
  8. Stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on being inspired and learning - we are all on our own journey
  9. Get help with the process or work - hire an assistant, marketing person, team, etc - this may require taking a risk and investing
  10. Document your journey and share with others - even if you don’t achieve your goals, you might inspire someone to chase theirs.


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