Starve Your Fears: The Andy Storch Show

120: Overcoming Fear, Building Confidence and Stepping onto the TEDx Stage with Helen Packham of the Courageous Leaders Club

Episode Summary

In this episode, I have an special interview for you. It is an interview with my new friend Helen Packham. Helen is an author, speaker, and coach. I was struck by her story because she was able to accomplish something that we talk a lot about on this show which is moving past our fears very courageously. You’ll hear in her story how she basically hit rock bottom in her career and in her life. She was able to pull herself out using personal development and other tools. She was able to starve her fears, identify her dreams, put them on a vision board, and follow the dreams she wants to achieve. Her fears were so extreme that at one point near the bottom she said she would never get up and speak in front of people again but several months later, she found herself giving a TED Talk in front of 1, 500 people. She now coaches and helps entrepreneurs and other professionals build a personal brand, become an expert in their field, and get on the stage to get more business. It really is quite an amazing story of courage, will power, and turning one’s life around and becoming the person she has always wanted to be.

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