Starve Your Fears: The Andy Storch Show

002 - Launching a Movement & Sticking to your Values with Larry Hagner from The Good Dad Project Podcast & Dad's Edge Community

Episode Summary

Larry Hagner shares his story of how he started a very popular podcast and online community for fathers as well as the importance of diversifying your business, relentless time management and sticking to your values.

Episode Notes

Hear the interesting story of how Larry Hagner used his desire to become a better father to start a movement and a popular community online for fathers. In this episode, we also talk about the importance of being authentic, branding, having multiple streams of revenue and the challenges that Larry deals with in keeping it up with it all.

We also discuss the importance of relentless time management and sticking to your values. For Larry, those are humility, integrity, and respect.

Check out Larry Hagner on his podcast, The Good Dad Project and check out his book and the Dad's Edge Community on Facebook.

Book mentioned: 15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management

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