Starve Your Fears: The Andy Storch Show

Ep 89: Building an Online Fitness Business and Finding your Niche with Steve Roy of Fit Dad Nation

Episode Summary

Steve is the founder of The Fit Dad Nation. He is also a fitness coach, certified personal trainer, and business owner for almost 20 years now. He has been helping dads get and stay fit. He is a dad to two amazing daughters and considers fatherhood as the best job on the planet.

Episode Notes

This week we are talking with Steve Roy who has an interesting background, coming from the corporate world to become a personal trainer and then starting an online, virtual fitness coaching business that has seen many pivots. If you are interested in building an online business, you'll want to check this out.

Steve's background story
On being bullied while in high school
The workshops he took and how it changed his life
His wake-up call
HIs journey towards creating Fit Dad Nation
Biggest mistakes he made on his first online business
On finding the work you love


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