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Leadership Lessons from United Airlines Captain Korry Franke

Episode Notes


In 1986, 5-year-old Korry Franke stared out the window of a U.S. Air jet and was captivated by the view he saw. 27 years later, Korry became the youngest captain then flying for United Airlines, a moment he thought was the finish line for the success he had chased. But over the following year, Korry came to realize that that moment wasn't a finish line at all; rather, it was only the beginning of an even greater journey--one that would take an entire lifetime to achieve.

The story of Korry's leadership journey as a new captain and how that journey changed the way he viewed success--and perhaps how you will, too--is told through his memoir, 3 Feet to the Left: A New Captain's Journey from Pursuit to Perspective.

Now, the airline pilot, speaker, and author merges his years of airline leadership experience with the creativity he's honed as an accomplished jazz pianist, the discipline he's developed as a two-time marathoner, and the real-world business acumen he's gained as a Penn State University MBA graduate to help people and organizations soar to success by learning to embrace their captain's mindset.