Starve Your Fears: The Andy Storch Show

Strengthening Relationships with Lance and Brandy Salazar

Episode Notes


In 2014 Lance and Brandy found themselves nearly divorced. Having kids abruptly deprioritized their marriage. At the point of calling it quits, they made one last effort to save their relationship.

They used the best and most effective tools used by successful business and health coaches with proven positive psychology methods and applied these concepts to their marriage. This journey has led them to a happier and more fulfilled marriage and life with their family than they ever had beforeā€¦ and it just keeps getting better.

They the co-authors of The Miracle Morning for Couples and the founders of Legendary Couples with Kids; a project created to share what they had learned. Their mission is to provide tools and resources to reconnect couples and to keep them connected to each other, where thriving relationships serve as positive examples to their kids for generations to come.